Curse those pesky bay windows!

I don’t know about you but I love my bay windows, is there anything better than a beautiful Christmas tree twinkling away in your bay window recess? However getting curtains to both fit and correctly operate in bay windows can be a nightmare, and that is just where an expert curtain fitter can help. No longer will you have to risk the now eponymous Tarzan-style swing across your bay window to get your curtains closed at night and then open again in the morning!

There are a number of different options available to solve the curse of many a beautiful Edwardian, mock Edwardian or simply that-way-inclined home and a professional curtain fitter can help to appropriately select and explain these to you. One of the great team from can arrange to carry out a full survey of your bay window, noting the exact size shape and any unusual features of your bay. In our experience every bay window is seemingly different and so this professional survey can save you risking further time and expense if your bay window coverings are ordered incorrectly.

Your curtain fitter can then advise you which out of our option of hand operated curtain tracks, cord operated curtain tracks, electrically operated curtain tracks or bespoke decorative curtain poles would be the right solution for your bay window. Obviously there are advantages to each option and it may be that one, or more, of these would be completely unsuitable for your needs. But that is where our curtain fitters can help, with their expert knowledge of bay window curtain fitting, they can ensure that the right solution is selected and installed for you.

We believe that bay windows are beautiful feature in any home and that the correct curtains can really accentuate that. However we would always advise that a professionally trained curtain fitter be employed to ensure that your bay windows are not marred by incorrectly fitting curtains.

Why should your bay window curtains act like a permanent thorn in your side? Simply contact now for details of our bay window curtain fitting service.

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Curtain Fitters? What? I’ve been struggling for years!

“I don’t know about you, but I’ve been struggling for years to get my curtains to fit beautifully, I didn’t even know that I could get a curtain fitter to do this for me.”

This is a phrase we hear time and time again. There are so many lovely readymade curtains out there, and now that more and more houses are being built to the same standard specifications, readymade curtains can be easily obtained that not only look good, but actually fit your windows. However once you’ve chosen your readymade curtains and got them home, they are often let down at the last moment by less than perfect DIY installation.

This is where we can help. At, as expert curtain fitters, we can pop round to your house and have your lovely new curtains hanging perfectly in no time. No more holding your breath every morning or night in case the pole falls out of the wall. No more scrambling about on top of chairs or chests of drawers, as the only way to get your curtains to close properly is to grasp them by the rail and Tarzan-style swing yourself sideways across the living room window (yes, we know you’ve all done it!) Simply lovely curtains that look great and actually work as curtains should, hooray!

You wouldn’t think twice about employing a kitchen fitter, or a bathroom fitter, or even paying someone to board out your loft. So why not get a professional curtain fitter to ensure that a major part of your home’s decorative scheme (and one that you use at least twice a day) functions to its optimum ability?

Don’t worry; you’re not the only one who didn’t know that there were dedicated curtain fitters out there who would actually fit your curtains (properly!) I mean who wants to phone a builder and get laughed at when you tentatively explain that you want some help fitting your curtains?

Contact our professional and friendly curtain fitters now to get a no obligation quote.

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Your home, your choice!

Your home is your castle, and anyone who has ever decorated their home will know that a room is not complete without the perfect window dressings. Finding the perfect curtains or blinds is hard enough, with so many different kinds to choose from. Do you opt for your heavier, blackout curtains, or do you go for the lighter fabric, to decorate the window more than cover it? With your blinds, do you go for horizontal or vertical? Roller, Venetian, or Roman? Are voiles or net curtains more appropriate? The decision you make can totally compliment your room, or ruin the image you want to project.

Getting past the decisions phase is hard enough, but choosing how you want them to hang is even harder. There are a variety of hanging options available, such as decorative poles for tab-top curtains, or curtain tracks. Choosing which is best for you depends entirely on your needs, your window and your décor. You have to consider:

• Do you have a bay window?
• Would you prefer a manual curtain track, or is a cord or electrical track more suitable?
• Have you chosen a curtain rail that matches the decoration of your room?
• How heavy are your curtains? Can you open and close them manually with ease?
Is it worth you considering employing the help of a professional? Absolutely. DIY may be more and more popular, but a job done by professionals tends to last longer, and be done to a higher standard with fewer hiccups and curse words. You know that by hiring a qualified person that you are getting their knowledge and experience, and with this, the reassurance that the work will be done correctly the first time. What’s more, companies usually have special insurance so that if anything goes wrong of is damaged in the installation project, it is fully covered. Some home insurance policies may not cover you for a DIY mishap.

Before looking for a professional, have in mind what you want to do. You may decide you want to obtain or upgrade blinds for more than one of your rooms. Have a good look at your home, and decide what you plan to do. This way, you can have all the measurements and fittings done as one job, rather than calling them out every time you want to hang a blind or curtain. Maybe you want new curtains throughout, or just a few new curtains, but replacement poles or tracks.

Whatever your requirements, the experts at MyFitter can help. With years of experience in soft furnishing installation, they offer a highly recommended hassle free service.

Contact them before you go shopping in order to make the most of their services; they offer a measuring service, where a professional curtain fitter will come to your home and measure your window. This is to ensure your curtains or blinds will be a perfect fit before you order them, saving you time and money, and ensuring you get the right size. There is nothing worse than estimating what you think you might possibly need, only to find that you have bought the wrong size and have to trail back to the shop and exchange them: it only delays you! If you choose to use this service (which will cost a small fee) and then take up their professional fitting service once your curtain poles and curtains or blinds are delivered, the fee will be refunded if your order exceeds £300.

What is great about MyFitter is that their pricing information is listed very clearly on their website, so you can clearly see where your money will go and roughly estimate what it may cost you before you even enquire.

If you are having blinds installed, MyFitter are qualified in the installation of roller blinds, Venetian blinds, vertical blinds, Roman blinds and even blinds for Velux windows. It doesn’t matter whether you have chosen ‘made-to-measure’ blinds, or selected blinds that will need to be trimmed to fit. The specialists carry tools with them to do this, and have years of experience that enables them to tackle anything that might get in the way, even concrete or metal lintels.

Bay windows often pose a problem for curtains. Some people choose to run a straight pole across the bay, which doesn’t always look very effective, but MyFitter offer a selection of alternatives which are much more aesthetically pleasing. With them, you have the option of hand operated tracks, cord operated tracks, and electrically operated tracks, or, as a complete alternative, decorative curtain poles. These are then bent to specification, allowing them to fit perfectly into your bay window with no ‘bodging’. Every window is different, and because of this, you can ask for a site survey, where the bay window in question will be assessed for its shape and size and anything unusual about it, and you can get advice on which option may be best for your needs. The curtains you choose may also affect your decision; if you choose heavy curtains, you may find a little bit of assistance, either from a cord or an electrical track would be helpful. Your quote will be written up and sent to you, so you can see the fee before you decide. They have a very quick turnaround, and you can expect delivery and installation within 7-10 working days under normal circumstances. Surveys take around an hour, and cost £45 + VAT. This fee will be refunded on orders over £300, so it may be useful to get your full home done at once if you are ordering a lot of blinds or curtains (perfect for new movers).

MyFitter are available for one-offs, or contract work, and have dazzling testimonials. One of their clients had this to say:

“MyFitter offer a really good friendly service. Very professional. We’d definitely use MyFitter again”
A.W from London

For your quick, easy, quote with no obligation to buy, visit and see for yourself.

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Bay windows

solving the problem of bay windows

If you are one of the millions of people in the country who are lucky enough to have a bay window then I bet you have also experienced the problem of trying to find a suitable window treatment.

Well by using the expert curtain fitter’s at MyFitter your problem is easily solved. All you need to do is book a bay survey with them and one of their curtain fitters will visit you at home and discuss all the options available to you. In addition they will take a complete template of your bay window and measure all the critical angles to ensure whatever solution you accept fits perfectly.

There may be a number of options available and whatever your requirements the curtain fitter will talk you through each one, ensuring you fully understand how they work. They will also be able to show you samples of the options available so you can see what they will look like when installed.

One things for sure, by using the expert curtain fitters at MyFitter you will never need to worry about solving your bay window problem again.

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New Angle for hanging curtains.

Great Service

So this is my first blog! be gentle with me please.

At last I have a chance to tell the world that there is a great service for Interior Designers,Property Developers, home improvement retail outlets and home owners.

The site is called MyFitter and provides a professional installation service, installing curtain tracks, poles and blinds.

Why? because so often I have heard Interior Designers complain that they can never find a reliable curtain fitter, well now their problem is solved!
What’s more it struck me that thousands of people must buy curtain tracks, poles, blinds etc. get them home then don’t have a clue how to fit them or where to get help fitting them.

High quality workmanship and reliability are key essentials of the expert curtain fitters we employ. In order to ensure the quality of the workmanship provided by the fitters is maintained, a feedback system is in operation. This enables clients who use the service to leave comments about the fitters they have used, thus making it simple for other clients to choose reliable fitters with proven, high quality, workmanship.

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