About MyFitter

What we do

MyFitter is dedicated to providing a professional installation service for Interior Designers,  home improvement Retailers,  Property Developers, and home owners via an online service that promotes professional fitters registered on the MyFitter site.

The Service Offered

Clients simply place thier job request on line and fitters who work in their area are alerted then send quotes to carry out the work. The service is FREE to join and FREE to place jobs, however, we charge a small fee to Fitters registered on the site but only after they have had a quote accepted by a client.

Quality fitters

High quality workmanship and reliability are key essentials of the Fitters registered on the site and in order to ensure the quality of the workmanship provided by the Fitters is maintained, we operate a feedback system. This enables clients who use our service to leave comments about the Fitters they have used. Thus making it simple for other clients to choose reliable fitters with proven, high quality, workmanship.

The service was created as a result of numerous conversations the founder James Dudley had with Interior Designers, and retailers, who found it difficult to find reliable high quality fitters. Together with his partner Linda Turner of Linda Turner Interiors they have over 25 years experience in the industry.

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