10 Tips for finding the right Curtain Fitter

If you’ve bought curtains or blinds before you will know the process is rarely simple.  There are a lot of things to take into consideration, which is why it is a wise choice to opt for a professional installation company.

Choosing a fitter

Choose a professional

How do you know if you have chosen the right company for the job?

Here are 10 top tips on making sure you choose the right curtain fitting company so that your money is well spent.

1.Shape of window…type of curtain pole…blind fitting…pah!  

These should be all in a day’s work for a professional curtain fitter.  A company who you can have confidence in will typically assure you that they will resolve any problems encountered on the job.

2.Don’t pay for what you don’t need

Curtain fitting can often be quite a standard job in which case, you can expect to pay a fixed fee.  However this is not always the case so a professional company will always offer a customised option too.

3.Scoping the job

Curtain fitters typically charge a daily rate so you do not want them spending time on scoping the job.  You should look for companies who offer a site survey so that you can be confident all your requirements will be met before they start.

4.Commitment Free Options

A professional company should always offer free quotes and no obligation site surveys.  It is a sure sign of confidence and should earn your trust.

5.Flexible options

A professional curtain fitting company should be able to respond to client needs as required and, with work like this, timeframe’s can be pretty short.  You should therefore look for companies who can offer appointments at fairly short notice and with fast turnaround times.

6.Advisory services

Just as a reliable curtain fitting company should offer obligation free quotes, you would benefit from ensuring that they also offer initial advice that is free of charge so that, you can be confident in buying the correct fixtures and fittings.

7.What do other people think of them?

Other people’s experiences with a company are ultimately the best recommendation you can have, it is unbiased and honest.  It is therefore always a good sign if a curtain fitting company are open about revealing testimonials.

8.How confident is your curtain fitter?

Of course visibility of testimonials, free quotes and the like ooze confidence but, what speaks even louder are, official warranties or guarantees.  A sign of a confident and professional curtain fitting service is one that offers a guarantee on your customer satisfaction for a stated period of time.

9.Read the small print

Curtain fitting can be quite a hassle when you try doing it yourself but, should be anything but that when you choose a good curtain fitter.  It is something that easily goes amiss but, another sign of a reputable curtain fitting company is one whose employees are all insured.

10.Do a little detective work

One quick way to find out whether a curtain fitting company is good or not is, by finding out how they choose their employees.  For example, with Myfitter.com, any fitter looking to join their team must have a minimum three years experience, liability insurance and, 3 references.  With high standards like this, you can be rest assured that your job will be completed by a true professional.

Myfitter.com not only provides free quotes, fixed pricing plans as well as customised ones but, they are also offer free advice on things like, curtain tracks,  poles and blinds. They also come highly recommended – just take a look at their testimonials from previous clients!

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