Add an element of privacy to your home !

With so many homes now overlooking each other, it can be hard to avoid passers-by looking into windows, or neighbours watching you from their kitchens! Curtains and blinds are the best way to keep wandering eyes at bay! They are also a great way to help you add a personal touch to your home, making it your own.

With so many designs to choose from, curtains and blinds are also a great way to maintain your interior design look and feel. If you live in a home without central heating, heavier duty curtains are an ideal addition to help keep your home warm and draft free! Not only that, if you have trouble sleeping, you should consider ‘black out’ curtains that help keep all light out to enable you to sleep at ease.

However, if you don’t already have curtains or blinds in place, these can be complicated and time consuming to put up!

‘My fitter’ can visit your home and fit your curtains or blinds to excellent standards. This allows you time to choose the ones you really want without having to worry about getting them in place! No matter how complex the window may be, My Fitter’s team of expert curtain fitters will be able to get them in place and secure for you!

They specialise in both curtains and blinds so whether you’re looking for a modern sleek blind design or more traditional fabric curtains to add to your home, they can fit them! You can rest assured that they will be the perfect fit as one of the team from ‘My Fitter’ will pay your home a visit to measure up before they come to fit either your blinds or curtains. This enables them to be fully prepared with all the right equipment when they come to fit them for you.

The made to measure curtain tracks that will be supplied are suitable for all weights of curtain – so be sure to state this when you make an enquiry help certify that the fitter orders the correct equipment!

In our modern day lives it can be hard to find the time for private, peace and quiet, however, by simply installing working, stylish curtains or blinds, you can help make your home feel more like a haven and shut away the outside noise and neighbours and enjoy the privacy of your own home!

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