Expert trades people who don’t destroy your house!

“Is it actually worth having a bedroom door that closes?” After the joiner has been round to sort out our upstairs doors and I was knee deep in wood shavings, that were not only blanketing the whole of upstairs but were also making their way through the ground floor and out into the garden! “Why does getting someone in, always seem to end up causing me more work?”


There are numerous horror stories about untidy, late or dodgy trade’s people that carry out substandard work; but how can you avoid this? Some people choose to evade the issue all together and end up resorting to botched DIY jobs, but what do you do if you want to achieve that holy grail of great work and great workmen?


At we guarantee that all of our professional curtain fitters will not only do you a great job, ensuring that your curtains or blinds both look fantastic but also function perfectly. But we will also ensure that after we’ve gone the only evidence of our presence will be your new beautifully fitted curtains or blinds. And if for any reason you’re not 100% happy then we will do everything we can to rectify that.


We believe that great curtains can make a great impact on a room, and we don’t want anything to potentially mar that. I still look at the bedroom door and remember the great wood shavings flood of 2011 (and sometimes still find some of the little blighters lurking in hidden corners). Instead, after you’ve had our expert curtain fitters to install your lovely new curtains or blinds, we only want you to think about how great they look, how well they work and what a hassle free and value for money service you received.


Contact our expert professional curtain fitters now for a free no obligation quote. No mess guaranteed.

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