Curse those pesky bay windows!

I don’t know about you but I love my bay windows, is there anything better than a beautiful Christmas tree twinkling away in your bay window recess? However getting curtains to both fit and correctly operate in bay windows can be a nightmare, and that is just where an expert curtain fitter can help. No longer will you have to risk the now eponymous Tarzan-style swing across your bay window to get your curtains closed at night and then open again in the morning!

There are a number of different options available to solve the curse of many a beautiful Edwardian, mock Edwardian or simply that-way-inclined home and a professional curtain fitter can help to appropriately select and explain these to you. One of the great team from can arrange to carry out a full survey of your bay window, noting the exact size shape and any unusual features of your bay. In our experience every bay window is seemingly different and so this professional survey can save you risking further time and expense if your bay window coverings are ordered incorrectly.

Your curtain fitter can then advise you which out of our option of hand operated curtain tracks, cord operated curtain tracks, electrically operated curtain tracks or bespoke decorative curtain poles would be the right solution for your bay window. Obviously there are advantages to each option and it may be that one, or more, of these would be completely unsuitable for your needs. But that is where our curtain fitters can help, with their expert knowledge of bay window curtain fitting, they can ensure that the right solution is selected and installed for you.

We believe that bay windows are beautiful feature in any home and that the correct curtains can really accentuate that. However we would always advise that a professionally trained curtain fitter be employed to ensure that your bay windows are not marred by incorrectly fitting curtains.

Why should your bay window curtains act like a permanent thorn in your side? Simply contact now for details of our bay window curtain fitting service.

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