New Angle for hanging curtains.

Great Service

So this is my first blog! be gentle with me please.

At last I have a chance to tell the world that there is a great service for Interior Designers,Property Developers, home improvement retail outlets and home owners.

The site is called MyFitter and provides a professional installation service, installing curtain tracks, poles and blinds.

Why? because so often I have heard Interior Designers complain that they can never find a reliable curtain fitter, well now their problem is solved!
What’s more it struck me that thousands of people must buy curtain tracks, poles, blinds etc. get them home then don’t have a clue how to fit them or where to get help fitting them.

High quality workmanship and reliability are key essentials of the expert curtain fitters we employ. In order to ensure the quality of the workmanship provided by the fitters is maintained, a feedback system is in operation. This enables clients who use the service to leave comments about the fitters they have used, thus making it simple for other clients to choose reliable fitters with proven, high quality, workmanship.

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